The greatest freedom is not money. It is the freedom of choice.

In a fulfilling life, money and power are of course necessary, but far from sufficient. Studies in the US and UK show that more money stops making a difference to how satisfied you are with your life at around £50,000.

Money gets you the possibility to do or have others do as you want them to (this previous post talks more about this). But possibilities mean nothing if we make the wrong decisions or can't follow through on the ones we make. What really matters is career capacity, your ability to:

  • have self-knowledge about your career drivers and motivators
  • find the best opportunities 
  • weigh up competing priorities – those factors you want more of (usually autonomy, creativity, health, engagement, interest and progression)  against those you might be more content with (usually mastery, money, stability and prestige)
  • make a confident decision 
  • take action on your decision

All those steps are needed, especially action. Some would say a real decision is measured by the fact that you've taken a new action. If there's no action, you haven't truly decided.
I’ve now come to believe there is a fundamentally different mind-set between those who are stuck and those that have career capacity. That go from thinking to action. That find their greatness. That's what the More Than Law course does. 

It officially opens today - register your interest here

Stuck: “If only I knew what I wanted to do.”
Finding their greatness: “Clarify your ultimate objective and map your optimal career trajectory. Take action"

Stuck: “If only I knew where to start”
Finding their greatness: “Passions and desires are grown not discovered. Take action.”
Stuck: “If only I knew what I wanted to do.”
Finding their greatness: “Explore what you already know you want and other people’s ideas. Take action.”
Stuck “If only I didn’t keep changing my mind all the time”
Finding their greatness: “clarify your ultimate objective, and think short term and long term. Weight factors appropriately, weigh trade offs and commit”
Stuck: “If only I didn’t have to worry about money.”
Finding their greatness: “Cut outgoings, save money and dedicate time to figuring out what you love doing and what will pay good money. Take action.”
Stuck: ‘if only I had more time and energy to do this”
Finding their greatness: “create hacks and shortcuts to get your day job done quicker; focus on the essential then create limitations to find time inside and outside of your job to make it happen.”
Stuck: “if only I hadn’t invested so much time and energy into getting here”
Finding their greatness: “I’m not getting that time back now and in another 5-10 years time I’ll regret staying more than going.
Some people can’t see past the obstacles, barriers or constraints. Even if these disappeared these people would still stay stuck. Career capacity provides the possibility to take control of your life. To be your own person. To be directed by work that is not simply imposed externally upon you, but are part of your authentic self.

To do that we have to own all our feelings, understand them. Give ourselves permission to be human, to be vulnerable. To find the space to figure out what's got to change at work. To figure out why you feel the way you do and what you really want. To have the courage to make bold changes in your career. One conversation with the right person can completely change your outlook.