I was thrilled to have so many lawyers on the live webinar on Tuesday and thanks for all those questions.

It was great to have an honest conversation with Will Meyerhofer, from The People’s Therapist, about what lawyers are facing and what really works to find fulfilling work.

Enjoy and make sure you’re getting into action in your career!

What you will learn

  • Learn why legal professionals are so unhappy in today's market and the 3 common self-sabotage mindsets that hold back lawyers
  • Understand how to get over the fear of walking away from the prestige, salary and all the training / dedication that has got you to where you are
  • Identify practical ways to move forward and to identify change points, significant moments of opportunity for change in your career
  • Know how to land a job that makes the most of the value of your legal background in whatever you do going forward from a recruiters' perspective
  • Learn how you can successfully move into work you love, and adapt and thrive in a new future