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Career Design course overview  


Progress with an experienced team qualified in career tests, career coaching and recruitment. 

We help you navigate your career search through a series of simple steps with support along the way.

Our career tests and guided course intelligently adapts to your unique career journey.

Use scientifically validated career tests and tools, and learn at your own pace.


An online guided course to design your career through 4 steps

1. Discover





Week 1 - Clarity on career motivators

Moving is not always the answer. We’re not like recruiters or employers. Your Career Fulfilment Score draws on 50 work-based studies to give you cutting-edge research insights into what you really want in your career.


Week 2 - Take your Career & strengths tests based on your Career Fulfilment Score

Your situation is unique. We analyse your Career Fulfilment Score and match you to one of five, cutting-edge careers tests. Assess your strengths, understand your potential and get matched to your top job opportunities in under 30 minutes.




Screenshot of Sokanu 

Screenshot of Sokanu 


2. Define



Example of Sokanu's matching criteria

Week 3 - Idea generation

We understand what you want to achieve both in the short and longer term. We then match you to your top career paths, including small and big shifts from your current role and industry.

Week 4 - Shortlist opportunities

Use personalised checklists, resources and action plans to explore your top two to three opportunities quickly. 

Progress at your own pace through your career experiments. Test your path and make a confident decision about your career path.  




3. Develop



Week 5 - Craft a new career story

Create a succinct pitch to weave your past, your present and future into a coherent narrative. Test this out and keep momentum by building your own accountability group . Find your tribe of like-minded supporters.

Progress at your own pace through your career experiments. Test your path and make a confident decision about your new career.



Week 6 - Natural networking

Start conversations with your dream organisations. Reach the hidden job market by telling your own authentic story and showing your value. Identify opportunities to  create a job or business.


4. Deliver


pyramid job search strategy.jpg

Week 7 - Strategic job hunt

Understand from a recruiters’ perspective how you will be assessed to get credible and likeable. Overcome application barriers such as career transitions. Then create your perfect marketing materials (your CV/resume, LinkedIn profile and covering letter), and optimise your time across informational interviews, networking, CV/resume adapting, applications and interview prep.







Week 8 World-class Interviewing & Negotiation

Negotiate huge raises on your job offers. Get paid what you’re worth by learning how to negotiate multiple job offers at the same time. Derisk the process and  (while still being upfront with everyone)

Includes word for word scripts about what to say during your job offer conversations. 




Bonus - Automate your job hunt

We make it easy to automate your job hunt by using free software. Get things done, eliminate anxiety & create an efficient job hunting system. Designed for people with busy lives. 



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