Catch the stress - deep breath and sigh

nothing to do - Get a sinking feeling in all of your body. don’t  do too much or try to find the right position - the emphasis is on doing less.

Remember there is nothing to do . ask my neck just released upwards and come forward . take one wrist and let it drop and slide into his natural position with the hand going from the wrist and dropping to the fingers then repeat. keep the softness in The Arms as you do this over and over keep the softness in The Arms as you do this over and over

Find you're sitting bones and roll back the flabby parts of the bum to sit better on them

to drop my shoulders in coordination with relaxing my chest bone . found a way to relax


Now feel for the The point at the very top of your head and the top of your spine  feels as if gently suspended by an invisible piece of string from the centre point that runs down to the base of the spine


Direct your intention

Unite your posture

‘Smile, breathe and go slowly.

See whether the head is happy

Let the neck roll upwards and lengthen to find  to find its true height

allow your spine to relax and hang down freely,

Change Focus from near to far that eyes move that the eyes blink

ensure bum is not sticking out


same with the shoulders  looking for that comfortable firmly down and almost slightly forward

Scan the  neck then trapezius  then  shoulders then  shoulder blades then deltoids as you breathe easy and continue to release tension


Scan the elbows then wrists then bum and then  then length of the back again as you breathe easy and continue to release tension

Use the hand on the neck to slowly slide upwards and to help the neck lengthen

Put both hands on neck to slowly slide upwards on each side feeling for the tension looking for balance on both sides

Visualise joy in Motion  and be grateful  for this opportunity to change

look to one side and see whether my eyes are aligned in a mirror PAUSE


let the legs hang easily with a soft knee bend

if there is pressure on the inside of the knees then move the feet Closer together and vice versa

Tell yourself: "I am relaxing: from my toes.... to my tail bone... to the smile on my forehead. Find a reason to laugh - so laugh!

neck nod up and down inside range of movement with hand checking relaxed big muscle

Put your finger on your chin and gently nod your head forward and back on your nodding joint. Keep the movement very small so you are just nodding your head and not your neck.


Take time with this.

And then Put another fingertip at the back of your skull, high up under your hairline. Nod again; you should feel the movement of your head at this point. Take time to notice the co-ordination between your two fingertips.


Next Now put your fingers on your mastoid process, two bumpy bits right behind your ears. This is part of the base of your skull. Allow your head to nod. This is a movement, and it is easy to do this movement while keeping the joint locked. It takes time and patience to let the movement take place as a result of release.

Lay both hands on muscles underneath ears and ask for the  neck to lengthen Pause to allow this to happen

look to one side and then the other Pause to allow this to happen

Breathing Out To empty the  lungs then let the air in and keep the chest  Hollow and your breastbone still

Breathing out release relax & lengthen neck

Eyes look straight up,  have a soft gaze with eyes back and apart

Now raise your standards For joy in Motion

Put the hands up starting with the hands the elbows and then of the arms. Engage back muscles and deltoids. Then raise arms so there is no pressure on the neck. Then drop them down if you like

(Breathing out): Relax your shoulders away from your ears From the centre of your traps, Keep your deltoids relaxed and feel your shoulder blades flatten to the floor like like dinner plates.

Release relax and allow shoulders to lengthen , then elbows then Wrists

Change vision near to far and let eyes move. Let the eyes blink

Think of support up from feet

I’m getting fit -  that means to be able to exercise and run and swim and the monkey handlebars and improvise contact dance and tango

Great work and another step towards showing motion. Celebrate!