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Meet a lawyer who made a career change to Marketing and PR

A position in Marketing would suit a solicitor who is commercially and editorially oriented, has excellent research skills, good powers of persuasion and feels like applying his writing skills to something more than briefs and other legal drafts.

Before becoming a Senior Marketing Manager at Amazon UK, Karol Corcoran was a practising Corporate Lawyer:

I left practise to get a more hands on business role and my first step was to pitch myself as a resource to some start ups. I offered them legal advice and set up their terms and conditions -basic stuff- and in return they gave me business roles. This was great as it helped confirm to me that I had made the right move and in subsequent recruitment conversations it really helped to have something extra to talk about. Now in my marketing role its about ensuring great customer experience by having great copy and content and ensuring accuracy and high standards which is bread and butter to someone who is legally trained. Using data to make decisions and dealing with ambiguity is a key part of the job too and that's something most lawyers can easily relate to. It can feel daunting to leave the structure and 'safety' of private practise but it can be done. It's a case of getting your narrative straight (the why and the what you bring) and just backing yourself

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