Create Your Strategy to Career Success

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Create Your Strategy to Career Success



Your career is just that; yours. You can plan out how you can get to your career vision in a way that fits with where you are at now and the lifestyle that you want during the transition. Having the agency to work towards your big picture on your own terms and lay out the route into the life that you want.

Whether you walk straight into your next move, you take one or two jobs as stepping stones to position yourself well or you may seek training, you want to have a strategy to succeed.


  • Bolster your mental, emotional, and physical well-being to manage concurrent career acts
  • Discover how to build your skills and abilities to advance
  • Choose your path from the organic route, the two-job route and the clean break route
  • Gain control of your career by effectively leveraging your time, money, and human resources
  • Tap into the community of supporters, mentors and colleagues who will take you to a new level
  • Gain insight into your self-limiting beliefs behaviours, negative automatic thoughts and perceived limitations
  • Devise a practical action plan to overcome them
  • Be inspired every day by to help you run yourself towards the work you will love


Martin Underwood is a Legal Career Strategist and Consultant.

He is an Oxford law graduate that practised as a barrister before transitioning to Head of HR at a fast-growth SME and career consultancy for the UK's leading legal vocational education provider. He has designed and delivered careers events for over 2000 people.




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