Financial Freedom


Financial Freedom


7pm-9pm on 25/11/15
The House of St Barnabas, W1D 4NQ




Money is essential to life but is not the purpose of life. Yet our money fears are usually the reason that we don’t do what we want to do with our working lives. Money doesn't necessarily give people financial freedom. The minimalist money mindset does, where you work the hours, make the money and choose a lifestyle that are aligned. The absence of this mindset is why so many professionals who went into the corporate world for a few years have never been able to get out. They are on the ‘hedonic treadmill’: they work even harder to earn money to buy more consumer goods to boost their wellbeing, but then their expectations rise once more, and on it goes. As we have no inbuilt mechanism to alert us to when we have had enough, we have to guard against the pressures of consumerism.

The minimalist money mindset requires attention. It gives you the ability to live within your means and create cash flow for you.

Money is not in itself a scarce resource; what may seem scarce are the necessary levels of creativity, self-belief, determination and courage we require to obtain the minimalist money mindset.  The more we identify ourselves with externals, achievements and everything impermanent, the more we tend to cling. True security means knowing that we have the creative imagination to always earn a living.

Everyone wants to be financially free, but only a select few will ever take action and get the the minimalist money mindset they need to make their dreams come true.


  • Explore your financial drivers across acquisition, belonging, security and status
  • Challenge these drivers and develop a healthier relationship with money
  • Understand that money itself is rarely the reason stopping you having what you want
  • Become financially wiser
  • Create additional income outside of your work
  • Build a personalised financial and cash flow plan


Martin Underwood

Martin Underwood is Course Producer for the More Than Law Course.

He is an Oxford law graduate that practised as a barrister before transitioning to Head of HR at a fast-growth SME. He has designed and delivered workshops for over 2000 people. 



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