Goal Setting and Action Tele-Class

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Goal Setting and Action Tele-Class

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What are you trying to achieve in 2016? what do you need in order to do that? Maybe you feel stress, overwhelmed or simply don't know where to start towards something that is too big and complex in your life. But this can all be different. This will be a highly interactive 60 minute presentation and discussion to hit the ground running in 2016.


Martin Underwood is Course Producer for the More Than Law Course.

He is an Oxford law graduate that practised as a barrister before transitioning to Head of HR at a fast-growth SME. He has designed and delivered careers events for over 2000 people. 

What You'll Learn and Do

  • Find direction and prioritise your most important personal and professional goals
  • Learn how to form good habits and stick with them
  • Develop one practice to live better in the present, and another practice which helps you define and achieve your goals
  • Leave with an action plan to move forward confidently 

What Others Say
"It helped me focus on what I really care about and get rid of the things that were holding me back. The things I always imagined became real and I couldn’t be happier."
- Maria Gomez-Carrillo de Castro, Lawyer to Social Entrepreneur and Contract Lawyer.