Brainstorm Better: How To Reinvent Your Career

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career choice braintorm.jpg

Brainstorm Better: How To Reinvent Your Career


Private Group (no more than 6 people)
7pm-9pm on 21/10/15
The House of St Barnabas, W1D 4NQ



At the heart of any successful career change is a great idea. Some seem so simple we wonder why we didn’t think of them before. Others are so inspiring we wonder how we ever could have chanced upon them.

Imagination is the start of all good career changes. It is the beginning of all achievement. To imagine is to perceive many of your potential futures, select the most delightful possibility, and then pull the present forward to meet it.

These great ideas don't come on command. And that leaves lots of would-be career changers asking the same question: how did everybody else get inspiration to move on - and how can I get the same? Here's to kick starting yours.


  • Visualise your perfect work to know what you're looking for
  • Get inspired by others who made bold career changes
  • Create 50 exciting new career opportunities for yourself in 20 minutes
  • Generate a robust action plan to prioritise your ideas and take action.


Martin Underwood is the head of Career Strategy at Life Productions. He made a successful career change from criminal law barrister to Head of HR at one of the UK’s fastest growing companies. Here,  he doubled the team  and learnt what it takes to get hired. 

Qualified in psychometric career testing and career coaching, and Career Consultant to a top university, he has helped 1000s of  people with their career. 



Suitable for those curious about applying this in their work. No other requirements.

Plans change. So if you can't make it to a class/workshop, please email us at least 48 hours before the scheduled event date. No refunds will be given after this. This course has a required minimum for enrollment to make the numbers add up, so we have to reserve the right to cancel this course when this is the case within 24 hours of the start date of the course.