How to Outperform Others in Job Applications and get your Dream Job


How to Outperform Others in Job Applications and get your Dream Job


7pm-9pm on 18/11/15
The House of St Barnabas, W1D 4NQ



You’ve decided that you need a change, you’ve dusted off the CV and you’re now thinking about what your next move is. Yet there are many pitfalls for the poorly prepared job seeker.  Learn to recognise the seductive employer that seems to promise everything then underdelivers.

Most of us struggle to explain why we’re great to other people - boasting just isn’t very British. We will show you how to be confident whilst avoiding arrogance - all whilst demonstrating your value to your prospective employer.

Reboot your career by arming yourself with insider information on what employers are looking for, better ways of finding vacancies, decisive interview tips, and the ingredients of an attention-grabbing CV.


  • Decode a job description - discover exactly what they’re looking for

  • Understand how to overcome application barriers such as career transitions, employment gaps, little or no experience

  • Leverage writing strategies that build trust in your CV, cover letter, and LinkedIn summary

  • Cut out the hours and tedium of application with the methodology of the 4 Hour Job Search

  • Master the art of the confident interviewee


Martin Underwood is Course Producer for the More Than Law Course.

He is an Oxford law graduate that practised as a barrister before transitioning to Head of HR at a fast-growth SME. He has designed and delivered careers events for over 2000 people. 



Suitable for those curious about applying this in their work. No other requirements.

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