Copy of The Decision Academy - the science of decision making and interpreting uncertain events


Copy of The Decision Academy - the science of decision making and interpreting uncertain events

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About the class

Decision, decision ,decisions.

You want to make a confident decision about your career; whether that is finding a job, moving into a portfolio career or starting your own business. You don’t want to look back and regret the things you’ve never tried because you were too scared or indecisive. The most common mistake people unhappy in their work make is not to do something different. On the other hand. we don’t want to take bold decisions that we regret further down the line.

Evolutionary biologists have proven we have a natural aversion to moving on because we fear losing far more than we love winning, whether in romance or when considering career change.  

We can overcome our default setting as we start doing new things, interacting with different people and reinterpreting our life stories as we move towards the emerging possibilities.

Health warning to anyone set on quitting their jobs and/or can’t wait to get the satisfaction of telling your boss you’re leaving (a sub-text for you have no more power over me - f*** off). This fantasy can be so seductive when you’re in the midst of the daily grind and facing burnout. Yet without a plan you may end up returning to the very place you’ve hated after gallivanting around the globe or working on a pipedream business. You need a plan before pulling the trigger.

As a wise and long dead army officer once said ‘time spent in reconnaissance is seldom wasted’ Get clear, get sorted, make confident decisions.

What You’ll Learn and Do

  • Find a fresh way of looking at complex career decisions

  • Analyse your current situations, ensure you’ve identified the right problem and clarify your ultimate objective

  • Weight factors appropriately,and make tradeoffs without confusion or emotional distress

  • Learn how to make good decisions with insufficient information and commit confidently to make positive changes in your life

  • Write an action plan to remove any uncertainties you have that you can put into process immediately


Martin studied law at Oxford University then practised as a criminal law barrister, until he decided to find a more satisfying career.

He has since created two businesses and was a consultant to 10 organisations, big and small, at the intersection of careers, learning and technology. 

Most recently he was Head of Delivering Happiness at Raising IT and now splits his time between Career Consultancy for The Careers Group, the leading careers service for universities, Life Productions as the Course Producer and The You Project, a 1 to 1 career coaching service.


Suitable for those curious about applying this in their work. No other requirements.

Plans change. So if you can't make it to a class/workshop, please email us at least 48 hours before the scheduled event date. No refunds will be given after this. This course has a required minimum for enrollment to make the numbers add up, so we have to reserve the right to cancel this course when this is the case within 24 hours of the start date of the course.