More Than Law - Find Better Work, In Or Out Of The Law Webinar

What You'll Learn on the Live Recording

  • Learn why legal professionals are so unhappy in today's market and the 3 common self-sabotage mindsets that hold back lawyers
  • Understand how to get over the fear of walking away from the prestige, salary and all the training / dedication that has got you to where you are
  • Identify practical ways to move forward and to identify change points, significant moments of opportunity for change in your career
  • Know how to land a job that makes the most of the value of your legal background in whatever you do going forward from a recruiters' perspective
  • Learn how you can successfully move into work you love, and adapt and thrive in a new future.


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Will Meyerhofer is the author of “Way Worse than Being a Dentist: the Lawyer's Quest for Meaning.”   Will writes regularly for Above The Law, and maintains a blog about life, the law and psychotherapy, at 

Martin is the Course Producer and Careers Consultant at Life Productions. He is an Oxford law graduate that practised as a barrister.