Searching for work as a career changer? Finding your calling can take a while when you don’t tick all of the boxes of HR or recruitment agents coming from a different industry or role.

Let us make the search a little easier.

You have aspirations of work that far exceed a payslip. You want to grow, do meaningful work, and feel valued for all you contribute. You want to be able to fully express your strengths and talents in a role where you feel like you're contributing to something that matters on your terms.

Life Productions will help you get there. Start your search by joining our talent pool today.

Let Meaningful Jobs Find You

Stay in the loop about the most exciting impact jobs without searching online for hours each week. When we receive a job that matches your profile, we'll send you an email to see if you might be interested.

Apply Like a VIP

When you apply through ReWork, you're not just another faceless resume. We take great care to create a seamless application process, with timely communication and a ReWork team member to guide you through the process.

Expand Your Career Options

Already have a great job? No problem. By joining our Talent Pool, you can passively explore new opportunities just by checking your email. Who knows, you just might discover a new dream job that you didn't even know existed.

if you're a PURPOSE-DRIVEN ORGANISTION reading this

You are a purpose-driven organisation that are in search of talent who fits into your culture with a shared sense of purpose and has the professional background to get the job done and a whole lot with the diversity of experience that career changers can bring to the role. 

Finding purpose-driven individuals to join your team is increasingly challenging in today’s professional landscape. Life Productions will introduce you to a unique and differentiated way of finding leaders to join your cause.


Today’s employees want their work to have meaning. Today’s leaders have the largest influence in creating meaning in the workplace. Here’s why you must become a purpose driven organisation to successfully attract, select and retain the best people who care about something more than a paycheck and bottom line.

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