Founded by a career changer

Martin Underwood is a successful career changer. Previously a practising barrister who graduated from Oxford University, he transitioned through extensive psychometrics and career coaching qualifications into an influential Head of HR role.

Life Productions was born out of his passion for driving career change opportunities combined with his direct experiences. It is his vision that everyone can find greatness in their work, just like he has.

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A community of change professionals

From day one, Life Productions continues to be a growing community of professionals who are reimagining their potential through unconventional experiences. We are a diverse lot, with backgrounds that include a strategic planner turned designer and a criminal law defence barrister turned career coach and consultant.

Remember - success means something different to each of us. Together we can realise it.

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What Life Productions brings

We are an expert career and talent development consultancy. We combine extensive experience in psychology and career coaching, as well as an understanding of both how businesses work and how people develop.

It is our ambition to create life-changing experiences that reimagine and fulfil what a person can be and do. Be happy in your work. And life after work.

What Life Productions cares about

These values guide our actions and tell us what is expected of each other in return. They also guide how we interact with our clients and partners.

Ultimately we love what we do and want to work with people who feel (or want to feel) the same way.


  • View problems as opportunities. 
  • Drive innovation and embrace change. 
  • Deliver on our promises, accept feedback and learn from mistakes.


  • Help talented people find their greatness.
  • Stand out with our experience, networks and expertise. 
  • Constantly delight our clients. 

Team work

  • Build enduring and inclusive relationships based on trust.
  • Take our work seriously, but not ourselves.
  • Have fun doing it.


  • Don't shy away from the real challenges. 
  • Explore uncertainty and resistance to change.
  • Focus on outcomes, not short-term fixes.