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We search hundreds of job boards at once to find the best matches  just for you. Optimise your job search and find only what is relevant to you. Leverage our strengths assessment and the power of an established network of recruiters who know what to look for so that you can find direction, your edge and outperform others. 

There are free job boards, premium listings, specialised sites, as well as recruiters. Life Productions saves you time and energy to bring together the most relevant jobs.  

Clear and concise, your jobs listings will only contain jobs that are relevant to what you are looking for. You'll receive some of the existing ones you've already found, some extra ones you would have missed and some exciting jobs that you may never have thought about.

  • Get expert career advice from a career coach and recruiter to help you identify your strengths, find your edge, select the right jobs to target and outperform the competition
  • Search tens of job sites for thousands of vacancies with our partner sites
  • Sign up for customised job alerts delivered weekly straight to your inbox on your preferred day of the week (any day, any time)
  • Land your dream job - we're help to help with a CV review and interview coaching including techniques to control your nerves, thinking on your feet and giving the best possible interview

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Life Productions?

Our Career Consultants have two decades of experience working with professionals and have various industry backgrounds ranging from Professionals Services with FTSE 100 Companies to Legal Services, Human Resources and Recruiting. They offer a professional service that allows you to set goals and achieve them. Our results speak for themselves and give any job hunter the best possible start in finding the job of your dreams.

How does the process work?

The process of ordering a professionally tailored listing of jobs is extremely easy. If we don't obtain all the details we need from your completed form, one of Life Productions' Career Consultants will contact you. We are dedicated to providing you with an extremely personal listing of jobs that is guaranteed to get you noticed and allow you to explore opportunities that you really care about. Once we have all the information we need and have prepared your document, we will email the same to you in Word format.

Who will my Consultant be and what relevant experience do they have?

We have a number of Career Consultants who all have professional backgrounds in HR, Law and Legal Recruitment. Each one of them has experience working for clients from a wide variety of career backgrounds and, where possible, we always try to match you with a Consultant who has a similar career profile as you. However, who your Career Consultant will be is dependent on their individual availability, but no matter who devises your professional tailored listing of jobs, you are always guaranteed a professional and high quality service.

Why are the majority of your consultations done over email, rather than telephone?

Career Consultants at Life Productions prefer to use email as it is far more reliable than telephone conversations. Valuable pieces of information can be missed out of telephone conversations, that can be often rushed, and things can end up being omitted from the final document. Accuracy is extremely important. Completing it this way ensure that both parties have a record of all communication entered if it needs to be referred back to at a future date.

Do I need to come in to your office to see your Career Consultants?

No. We work over email and, when necessary, over the telephone, so there is absolutely no need to travel to our offices.

When do I pay?

We always take payment at the time of the order.

Why do I have to pay you before I receive my completed tailored listing of jobs?

Once you have signed up with Life Productions for our tailored listing of jobs, we are there to help you with any services you may need, including jobs pitching and employer outreach. Having to chase payments from clients can make any future contact difficult. This way we can keep our fees to a minimum, which we can then pass onto you.

Do I need to fill out all of your form?

No, not all. In fact, our Career Consultants prefer it if you can send through an existing list of jobs to work from. But if you don't have one, then you can complete our form and our Career Consultants can contact you for any further information.

Will I be able to come back to Life Productions at a later date?

Yes, we keep copies of all tailored listing of jobs which are prepared in case you need an update or additional tailored listing of jobs.

What happens if I feel I need to make changes to the tailored listing of jobs?

The Career Consultants at Life Productions are armed with the knowledge and experience that enable them to prepare a highly professional document. However, if you wish to email back with suggestions for changes, our Consultants will take a look at them and discuss them with you fully. You are guaranteed to end up with a document that you are extremely satisfied with.