Are you looking to create a lasting change in your career?

Then you’re in the right place.

Are you looking for engaging your audience and guide them in their quest to make a successful career change? I’ve helped thousands of my students and you could be the next one.

I’m Martin Underwood, the head of Career Strategy at Life Productions. My current career all started when I made a career transition myself back in 2010, when I decided to move away from criminal law barrister to Head of HR at one of the UK’s fastest growing companies. Here, I doubled the team and learnt what it takes to get hired. Qualified in psychometric career testing and career coaching, and Career Consultant to a top university, I’ve helped 1000s of people with their careers.

As a speaker, I focus on the new rules of work, career transition skills and the future of work. I help my audience Understand how to align the new world of work to where they want to be, then equip them with the goals, strategies and tactics to make it happen.

I speak at Conferences, Associations, Colleges, Business Schools, and Career Workshops.

“Martin was one of our highest rated speakers at the Hacking Happiness conference as he earned numerous positive remarks in our attendee feedback. We would love to have him back at a future event.”
— Asia Chabelska, Hacking Happiness Conference

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My past workshop participants have reported feeling more:

  • Confident in their own skills
  • Ambitious about their career development in their organisation
  • Resilient and able to tackle challenges
  • Creative
  • Connected to their team

My workshops range from 90 minutes to 3 hours to a full day workshop. They can be delivered from two to 30 people in the room, however 15 is recommended for an ideal learning environment. You can have as many people as you wish attend the sessions, at no additional cost.

The topics that I am currently speaking on include:


  • Career design - how to craft your career to work for you
  • So good they can’t ignore you - how to create opportunities for your most rare and valuable skills
  • Next step - how to make the new rules of work work for you

If you’re thinking about hiring me as a speaker, email me so we can chat about what you’re looking for and how I can help.