Shoulder Circles
Shoulder Blade Squeeze

Side to side arms interlocked and fingertips touching shoulders, 
Swing down tai chi style with adapted straight arms

Swing arms forward and upward
hanging downward loosely from shoulders
Standing, fingertips touching shoulders, arms in front of chest, and elbows downward
Kneeling on the mat, trunk bent sharply forward, hands behind head.
Sitting on the floor, knees raised, trunk bent forward, and arms stretched forward
wing arms upward and backward. At the same time pull in chin.
Lying face down on the floor, with elbows at sides and fingertips on shoulders.

T and Y done properly

Leaning slightly forward, elbows bent, and fingertips touching shoulders.
(1) Make small circles about a foot in diameter, elbows circling upward and backward. Press arms backward and retract head. Movement is slow.