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"The course helped me focus on what I really care about and get rid of the things that were holding me back. The things I always imagined became real and I couldn’t be happier. I've now set up a social enterprise and am advancing."

- Maria Gomez-Carrillo de Castro: researcher and trainer in learning disabilities

"Martin is insightful, straightforward and empathetic. He offers practical solutions that light up the path to career and life fulfilment." 

- Stephanie Haladner: portfolio careerist including Diversity Specialist, speaker and practising lawyer with Axiom


"I've doubled my income and work half the time. I can't believe it took me so long to wake up to is full of possibilities again."

- Emma Weekes: commercial lawyer and entrepreneur

"I had always found the prospect of life after sport daunting. Martin has allowed me to be creative with what I can do next, inspiring me not to settle with 'a' career but to take time to find 'the' career."

- Louise Walden: World Champion Figure Skater

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